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  • Handmade Ceramics

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    Our ceramic is from the northern part of Thailand. Every item is 100% handmade by the dedicated master craftsmen to ensure the quality remains the highest standard.

    Each design and collections are designed by the Thai artists who offer the most unique and elegant look with the reflection of the Thai identity to the creation.

  • Handmade Silverware

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    Our exclusive flatware, hollowware and serving set come from a local family factory about an hour north of Bangkok.

    We create and develop the different designs based on the lifestyle, suitability and specific needs of our clients. High grade food quality stainless steel is used in all our products to ensure the safety of our consumers.

    Each finished product is inspected by our dedicated master craftsmen to ensure that the quality remains at the highest standard.

  • Generation Water

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    Generation Water’s the turnkey production plant. This solution not only produces the highest quality water made 100% from the air and bottles this into glass bottles, but also uses sophisticated sanitation processes. This ensures used bottles are hygienically and efficiently restored to be used again and again.

    The air is filtered through advanced HEPA air filtration before it enters the Water Generator. The water vapour is then condensed into ‘distilled’ water which has no minerals or pollutants, it’s just pure H2O. This water is then filtered through an advanced water filtration process, which ensures the water maintains it’s purity, whilst also adding electrolytes and minerals back into the water. The water is continually cycled through the filtration process to consistently ensure the freshest and healthiest water.

    To ensure our solutions remain truly sustainable we set ourselves the goal of developing solutions which meet the following three criteria:

    • Environmental
    • Social
    • Economic

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    NAUTIBUOY Marine is a culmination of 20 years experience in every facet of the yachting industry.

    Designed to provide the perfect location to relax at water level with a glass of champagne, safely mount a jetski, jump on a paddle board, snorkel with the kids or simply extend the usable area of the yacht.

    No stone has been left unturned, no details unchecked in creating the luxury platform for the yachting world.

    One Product – Multiple Uses

    • Platforms: Designed by yachtsmen, for yachtsmen
    • Leisure use: Unparalleled luxury at water level
    • Maintenance use: Maintenance raft
    • Jet-ski Dock: Make a safe & secure Jet-ski Dock.
    • C-Dock: A brilliantly simple Seabob dock.


    • British design
    • Made in Europe
    • Durability
    • Diamond finish
    • Teak finish
    • Non-skid surface
    • Glued & stitched
    • Easy to remove from the water

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    MULTIPANEL Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company, established in 2000 to manufacture light weight, waterproof building panels.

    MULTIPANEL is manufactured from a technologically advanced high density polyurethane composite material and has many energy efficient and eco-friendly properties.

    MULTIPANEL provides superior, cost efficient applications across many industries including building and construction, marine, landscaping, caravans, signage, transport, refrigeration, and many more.

    MULTIPANEL is a highly versatile product that can be used across a diverse range of industries.

    MULTIPANEL can also be thermoformed to create compound curves which makes it ideal for complex designs.

    MULTIPANEL is also up to 70% lighter than traditional sheeting products as well as being 100% WATERPROOF.

    MULTIPANEL is easy to glue and screw and also has excellent insulation and acoustic properties.

    All of these benefits combine to open up limitless design applications for both interior and exterior projects. The versatile, lightweight, waterproof panels are stronger than traditional foam alternatives, are fire retardant and have excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

  • Kemper Systems

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    Kemper System is the worldwide leader, innovator and manufacturer of the highest quality, cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced waterproofing and roofing membranes in the industry. Architects, engineers, roofing consultants, quality contractors and building owners have come to trust Kemper System when only the best will do.

    For over 60 years, Kemper System waterproofing, roofing and surfacing products have been protecting some of the world’s most important landmarks and valuable properties. With offices in 10 countries, Kemper System membranes protect over 2 billion square feet of surfaces under the most adverse conditions.

    From the top of the Empire State Building to Buckingham Palace to the Alaskan Pipeline, when there is a critical waterproofing, roofing and surfacing challenge, Kemper System delivers the solution.

  • Fastmount

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    Panel Mounting Systems

    Fastmount Ltd. is an innovative hidden panel mounting system which provides a superior panel finish with perfect alignment.

    Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, Fastmount clips are precision moulded using engineering grade plastic.

    The system allows panels to be easily removed and refitted to exactly the same location time after time.

    Key Benefits

    • Consistently superior panel finish
    • Ability for multiple removals
    • One system for multiple panel types
    • Allows for panel flex and movement
    • Precise positioning
    • Secure mounting in all conditions
    • Non-sequential system
    • Reduces cost and time


    • Production and custom yachts and motor yachts; new builds and refits
    • Manufacture and refurbishment of recreational vehicles
    • Commercial and residential construction; furniture and art installations
    • Aviation interior fit out
    • Painted and covered panels
    • Applications limited only by your imagination and common sense
    • Internal and external surfaces
  • EAS (Gel & Spray)

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    Environmental Air Solutions

    EAS: Environmental Air Solutions is a 100% natural, self-evaporating product that incorporates the amazing Anti Septic, Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal properties of Tea Tree Oil. Developed for indoor areas to kill and stop the growth of Mold, Bacteria and Fungi, once your container of EAS has been opened and placed in position the vapor from the triple anti biotic quality Tea Tree Oil immediately starts releasing into the air. EAS is NOT a product that “Masks” an odor but instead captured the cause.

    As the Tea tree oil used in Environmental Air Solutions vaporizes it functions as a germicide by causing structural damage in the cell walls and membranes of bacteria and fungi. The damage leads to the denaturing to the cell’s live components. Once your container of Environmental Air Solutions is opened, you can expect to smell the subtle but pleasant scent of Tea Tree Oil. This is Mother Nature’s own Anti Septic going to work for you. Depending on the levels of Mold, Bacteria and Fungi causing odors, the scent of Tea Tree Oil can last as little as 15 minutes. On average, the scent of Tea Tree Oil will disappear within 48 hours.

  • Coelan

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    COELAN Yacht Coating from Germany is regarded as the most effective and durable wood coating and finishing product available.

    COELAN possesses a number of characteristics that contribute to its superiority and longevity: it is an extremely versatile yacht paint, being permeable, elastic, UV-resistant, light stable, and resistant to solvents and abrasion. Used to protect teak and mahogany and other wood decks, COELAN outlasts and out-performs every other premium quality varnish formula, providing a coating that is durable for many years.

    Essential Characteristics

    • Gloss and Matte Wood Finishes
    • Yellow & Redwood Products
    • Completely UV-resistant and light-stable
    • Long service life
    • Bridges cracks due to its elasticity
    • Permeable – lets water to dissipate and to wood survive
    • Extremely hard-wearing and highly elastic
    • For use on wood, steel, aluminum and polyester substrates
    • For use on inflatable dinghies, fenders, boat cushions, etc.
  • Teak Timber Phuket

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    Teak Timber Phuket have worked hard at being the first legal Burmese teak provider based on the island of Phuket. Through our diligence and integrity, we have established sound working relationships with our staff in Thailand and abroad.

    Teak Timber Phuket offers some of the finest quality quarter sawn golden Burmese teak commercially available on the market, we hand select and grade the timbers specifically to a strict standard and international expectations.

    We have experienced sawers and graders on location to ensure that the teak is correctly graded for its intended application. This ensures that we only receive the quality we are seeking, be it FEQ (First European Quality) quarter sawn, mixed sawn, super yacht decking standard or non FEQ furniture grade timbers and so on.

    We have over 30 years experience working with timber in marine and domestic applications and are well established within the South East Asian community, furthermore, we understand and appreciate the requirements and challenges which come from working in South East Asia.

    If you are looking for a company which is able to supply high-end quality teak and timber, along with the ability to offer add on services such as machining, processing, and custom installation, then Teak Timber Phuket is the company for you. We offer a complete service and are still comfortable enough to offer just what ever it is you require.


    • Decking
    • Furniture
    • Parquet Flooring
    • Marine Teak Decking
    • Hardwood Flooring


    • Lumber
    • Machining
    • Sawmilling
    • Engineering
    • Project Management
    • Construction