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Generation Water

Generation Water’s the turnkey production plant. This solution not only produces the highest quality water made 100% from the air and bottles this into glass bottles, but also uses sophisticated sanitation processes. This ensures used bottles are hygienically and efficiently restored to be used again and again.

The air is filtered through advanced HEPA air filtration before it enters the Water Generator. The water vapour is then condensed into ‘distilled’ water which has no minerals or pollutants, it’s just pure H2O. This water is then filtered through an advanced water filtration process, which ensures the water maintains it’s purity, whilst also adding electrolytes and minerals back into the water. The water is continually cycled through the filtration process to consistently ensure the freshest and healthiest water.

To ensure our solutions remain truly sustainable we set ourselves the goal of developing solutions which meet the following three criteria:

  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Economic