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COELAN Yacht Coating from Germany is regarded as the most effective and durable wood coating and finishing product available.

COELAN possesses a number of characteristics that contribute to its superiority and longevity: it is an extremely versatile yacht paint, being permeable, elastic, UV-resistant, light stable, and resistant to solvents and abrasion. Used to protect teak and mahogany and other wood decks, COELAN outlasts and out-performs every other premium quality varnish formula, providing a coating that is durable for many years.

Essential Characteristics

  • Gloss and Matte Wood Finishes
  • Yellow & Redwood Products
  • Completely UV-resistant and light-stable
  • Long service life
  • Bridges cracks due to its elasticity
  • Permeable – lets water to dissipate and to wood survive
  • Extremely hard-wearing and highly elastic
  • For use on wood, steel, aluminum and polyester substrates
  • For use on inflatable dinghies, fenders, boat cushions, etc.